A trusted name in microwave technology since 1989, Mega Industries is a world leader in the manufacture of microwave transmission equipment.
Mega Industries is more than just a microwave component supplier. Mega are committed to offering RF Solutions to sophisticated customers in the scientific, military and commercial communities. Mega thrive and grow from assisting our talented customers with achieving their project goals.
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Established in 1966, Kern Engineering & Manufacturing Corp. is dedicated to helping provide customers with the imagination and shielding technology needed to keep pace with the ever changing industries of electronics, communications, computing and others. Kern components have been and are being used throughout the world to protect sophisticated electronic hardware and systems under the most adverse conditions against EMI/RFI and EMP. Our company-wide conviction that all EMI/RFI shielding problems are solvable has made KERN the leader in shield termination products and connector accessories.
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Bracke is an extremely knowledgeable company offering a complete array of high quality, standard, and special RF and Microwave components coupled with excellent customer service. Although Bracke is a new company, they have decades of successful experience in innovation, design and manufacturing in this industry. With Bracke’s commitment to quality products, great selection, solution- minded products and off-the-shelf inventory, they are moving forward as a leading global supplier.
With Bracke’s state of the art designs and technologies, they are equipped to engineer and develop products to meet your specifications.
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CONNECTRONICS CORP. features specialized electronic connectors including high voltage interconnects, aerospace connectors, and underwater connectors for the defense industry, high current connectors for stage and entertainment lighting, and multi-pin cable assemblies for commercial/industrial uses, including medical and nuclear applications. For more information please click here; http://www.connectronicscorp.com

AMETEK is a world-class enterprise with market leading businesses and strong brands. Our businesses serve a diverse set of niche markets and applications, each with attractive growth characteristics. These businesses are focused on solving our customers’ most complex challenges with differentiated technology solutions.

Each of our businesses drive growth through the execution of AMETEK’s proven Four Growth Strategies: Operational Excellence, Strategic Acquisitions, Global & Market Expansion, and New Product Development.

AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annualized sales of more than $4.5 billion. AMETEK has 17,000 colleagues at more than 150 operating locations, and a global network of sales, service and support locations in 30 countries around the world.
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Hermetic Interconnects

Hermetic Seal Corporation is the largest independent manufacturer of hermetically sealed connectors, headers and feed thrus used by the aerospace, defense, telecommunications, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Its products are designed to withstand harsh environments, pressures up to 40,000 PSI and temperatures of more than 1000 °F.




Sealtron is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of hermetically sealed circular connectors and today is the leading manufacturer of hermetic aerospace grade connectors.

Microelectronic Packaging


Aegis has established a reputation as the leading designer and manufacturer of hermetic packages in the world. AMETEK Aegis has built a team of dedicated professionals whose expertise in the metal hermetic package industry is unrivaled. Combined with a world-class manufacturing facility, AEGIS’s engineering and manufacturing skills enable us to make industry standard glass-to-metal-seal packages (Flatpacks, Plug-ins, Platforms) through to the most complex hermetically sealed microelectronic package assemblies, which include DC and RF interconnects, ceramic modules and thermal management materials.


AMETEK is at the forefront of technology in the production of high quality, low and high volume, glass-to-metal seals. GLASSEAL Products (GSP) has a depth of product range, from commercial and mil spec connectors and headers to microelectronic hermetic packages, TO’s and battery seals, tantalum capacitors seals, and end seals.

Sealing glass to metal for over 60 years, GLASSEAL Products, Inc (GSP) is one of the most versatile manufacturers of hermetically sealed interconnection and microelectronic packaging components in business today. GSP has a broad portfolio of connectors, header, feed thru’s, end seals and packages in both glass and ceramic configurations. We manufacture both standard MIL Spec products and customized designs to your drawings and technical requirements.

Subsea Interconnect Products


AMETEK SCP is a unit of AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging (ECP), a world leader in end-to-end electrical packaging and cable solutions for harsh environments, custom-engineered preforms and micro stampings.

AMETEK SCP Inc. manufactures underwater electrical and optical connectors, hull penetrators, and cable assemblies for military and commercial markets. The company offers project management, installation, quality and testing, and engineering services. Its products are used in undersea, down hole, nuclear, aerospace, naval surface, transportation, and military land systems..


WIREMAX is the leading manufacturer of high voltage lead wires.
Wiremax wire and cable products are individually engineered to meet our customer’s requirements.
Our capabilities involve special or custom wire and cable with value added services such as
cabling, shielding, and chemical etching. For more information please click here;

Outman Industries is a privately held company manufacturing cost-effective, application specific, high-reliability connector solutions to the electronics industry since 1998. We design and fabricate RFI/EMI/EMP, Coax, epoxy and Hermetically sealed connectors to the military, avionics.
Outman Industries is ISO9001-2015 and ITAR certified.  At Outman quality begins with design.   Simplicity, reliability, and manufacturability are objectives that are planned and monitored through the design process.
Outman utilizes their experience and expertise in RF and EMI filter connector design in our RF Capacitance sensor products.  The result is unique products that satisfy a variety of applications.
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For nearly fifty years, The Young Engineers, Inc has been an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft and aerospace hardware, with a primary focus on fasteners for honeycomb panels and composite materials. As the world’s only privately held company specializing in the field, and with over 150 years of combined management experience in the aerospace fastening arena, TYE are eminently qualified to assist you with your honeycomb panel fasteners needs.
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General Lasertronics Corporation (“GLC” or “Lasertronics”) was founded in 1996.
The company’s focus was on pulsed lasers, with fiber optic beam delivery onto any work surface, and customized scanning optics to optimize efficiency and safety.
General Lasertronics Corporation manufactures control and delivery systems that enable off-the-shelf industrial pulsed lasers to strip coatings and prepare surfaces, while preventing damage of any kind to any substrate. GLC’s technology continuously examines surface status and selectively modulates laser effect.
General Lasertronics Corporation does not manufacture lasers. Rather, GLC select the most appropriate lasers for their customers’ applications, and integrate their control and delivery systems onto those lasers, along with any third-party robotics required. GLC deliver and support complete, integrated, turn-key laser ablation systems.
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